NEWEA Spring Meeting Technical SessionThe Spring Meeting & Exhibit will be held at the lovely Sea Crest Beach Hotel in North Falmouth, Massachusetts.   The program will feature technical sessions on a variety of water quality topics; student presentations; exhibit displays; tours and the Operations Challenge competition.  This 3-day meeting allows for professional networking and learning in a relaxed setting.

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Opening Session & Keynote Speaker

Congressman William Keating, MA 9th District

Congressman William Keating, MA 9th District

NEWEA is pleased to announce Congressman Bill Keating, MA 9th District has been invited to welcome attendees at our opening session that will take place on Monday, June 5 at 8:00AM.  Congressman Keating’s district encompasses the Cape and Islands, South Coast, and South Shore – stretching north to Norwell, south to Nantucket, east to Provincetown and west to Fall River.

Following the welcome address, we will welcome our keynote speaker: Cynthia Wigren, Executive Director, Atlantic White Shark Conservancy who supports scientific research, educates the community, and improves public safety.

Our ocean’s ecosystem is all connected…from the tiniest zooplankton to the largest apex predator. White sharks are an asset to our marine environment. As apex predators they play a critical role in maintaining the health of our ocean’s ecosystem. As white shark and other shark species disappear, predator-prey balance becomes disrupted, compromising the health of the world’s oceans and negatively impacting other marine species.

As the majority of the oxygen humans breathe comes from the oceans, our own health becomes imperiled when our oceans are unhealthy. Their presence along the coast of Cape Cod indicates the restoration of a healthy ecosystem. Removal of a top-level predator can cause a ‘top down’ effect on organisms lower in the food webs. If this happens, the ocean ecology changes and all species will be impacted.

Cynthia Wigren, Executive Director, AWSC

Cynthia Wigren, Executive Director, Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

Cynthia Wigren, Executive Director of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC), holds a BS in Wildlife Management from University of New Hampshire and MBA from Southern New Hampshire University. Prior to starting AWSC, Cynthia spent twelve years working for online trading companies in the energy industry, with a focus on project management and strategic planning.

Cynthia is an avid traveler and a scuba diver with a deep appreciation for wildlife on land and sea. Cynthia will share her underwater experiences with whale sharks, great hammerheads, nurse sharks, and great white sharks, that led her to leave the corporate world and establish Atlantic White Shark Conservancy to support shark research and conservation.